Monday, January 2, 2012

Five Reasons Why You Will Love Tweeting

Because Twitter is now so accessible through the iPhone more and more people will start to hop on the bandwagon. If you aren't quite there yet let me introduce you to the world of Twitter. A lot of people have asked me recently why I love it so much and so, here are five reasons why I know you'll  love tweeting:

1. Twitter allows you to easily follow multiple companies and publications.

Companies are on Twitter talking to their consumers all of the time. Because of the ability to create lists and to filter searches, Twitter is the easiest social site to follow multiple companies. I am not just talking about The New York Times or The Washington Post, but about the companies you actually care about: Anthropologie, JCrew, Sephora. Opposed to junking up your email inbox by subscribing to every email blast you can, follow your fav companies on Twitter to stay on top of all of their sales, new items and news.

2. Have one liners in your head all day long and no one to share them with?  

Me too! Example: It being January 1 you can't turn on the television without seeing Star Jones on a weight loss commercial OR a hot Australlian trying to convince me to buy workout gear. I have been wondering all week long if it was just me and so I tweeted, "Has anyone else noticed how many #diet commercials are on tv this week?" And after doing so, I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Twitter is just waiting to hear your frustration, your one liner, your thoughts. 

3. In reality you will regret anything you say that has more than 160 characters, right?

Sick of blogging but still want to talk to friends about what you are up to? Blogs are wonderful, I am using one RIGHT NOW but at times they can be wordy and exhausting. Don't waste your time, or others, with long winded posts when 160 characters (the maximum allotment for a tweet) will do. I promise this will save you from lying awake at night and wondering, "Would it have been better if I had not shared that?" Because let's be honest, we have all done that.

4. Hashtags rule!

Hashtags are such a dream. They allow you to follow a topic that interests you, to check a contest you want to enter, or to begin to trend a topic you feel like others will enjoy. They allow Twitter users to organize themselves, how empowering! If you are still unclear of what a hashtag is, here is a great article that explains the basics and how hashtags are used on Twitter. Hashtags are one main reason why any person who is looking to sell or market a product should have a strong Twitter presence, no questions asked!

5. Facebook is just for stalking, just admit it.

If you're like me, when you log into Facebook you have sincere intentions to check up on a close friend you are missing. Thirty minutes later you realize you're on the page of your 7th grade classmate looking through photos of a work party or a summer cruise. "What? How did this happen again?" You wonder. Well, this doesn't happen on Twitter! Facebook has developed more and more into a resume/photo album for individuals and will continue to. The nature of Facebook allows you to get lost in the pages linking from one page to another without ever reaching out to anyone. Twitter is based on actual interaction. If you are looking to really stay in touch with loved ones and have real conversations try Twitter, I promise you'll thank me. 

Are you convinced? I hope so. Sign up for an account and send me a tweet, I am totally looking forward to it. 

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