Monday, January 2, 2012

2012, It's Going to be So Good.

I can't stop talking about how good I feel about 2012. Like, I have never felt better about a new year. 2011 was filled with our highest highs and lowest lows as a family. I worked, played and prayed a lot. I learned A LOT about eternal families and the Young Women's Program in my church. I also learned how to: lift weights, be a mom, a stay at home employee and how to camp with a baby. Also, I got really good at watching television.

In 2012 I want to become a better friend, more aware of God's love, a mom who spends time teaching her kids, a reader and I want to eat a lot of delicious cheese. Sounds doable, right?

Whatever happens, I am just SURE it is going to be amazing. Who's with me?

PS One of the greatest things that happened in 2011 was that my husband, BTW, started photoshopping (he actually used Word and PowerPoint because we don't have Photoshop...) pictures of him and Jimmer together. See more on his Facebook page. 

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