Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Josie Jean Turns One!

On Saturday we celebrated little Jojo's first birthday. We had family and some neighborhood friends over for pizza, cake and balloons. I was really emotional about Jo turning one. I was convinced she was going to wake up and be 15! But, she wasn't and we had such an amazing day celebrating her and the goodness she has brought to the world. Enjoy! 

Cake and cookies made by the world's best aunt and wildest baker I know: The Alison Show. 

I got the idea for this ombre balloon wall from Little Green Notebook via Cup of Jo

Jo's favorite toy is a balloon so I had BTW remove the table from our kitchen and created a balloon pit. My darling two-year-nephew, Bryson, spent the whole party in the balloons. It was so cute.

Our tenants downstairs came up and made balloon animals for the kids, it was adorable. You can see Jo, above, waving the flower they made her.

 I was really stressed about making kid friendly food so I resorted to my favorite meal in the whole world: Nicolitalia's Mahgarita Pizza. It is never a bad idea.

When I put Jo's cake infront of her she moved the balloon into the candle and the balloon popped right in her face. We had to go in the back room for a few minutes because she was so shaken up about it. It was secretly my favorite part of the party, hiding in the back room nursing... After I brought her back out she was so nervous about the balloon incident she hardly ended up eating any cake.

Like a good cousin, Ginger helped her out with it.

Here is Jo with her cousins Aubrey and Maddy, they were all born within three months of one another.
And here is what it looks like when you try and take a photo of six girls under two!

We love you Josie Jean. You have brought nothing but good and joy into our lives. Happy Birthday!


  1. Yeah. She is perfect. Completely.

  2. So cute! You're such a good mom!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little Miss Josie!
    Andrea, you are so sweet and SO much fun.
    her whole life, j.j's gonna be so glad you're her mama.

  4. This looks like a legit 1-year-old bash. And I miss Nicolitalia's pizza so much.

    Cute blog.

    FEST (food, style & travel)

    PS.. I think we were in BYU's advertising program together??