Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Women

Confession: Every year in December I watch Little Women and cry through the whole movie. I literally start tearing up in the first few lines and let it flow until the last scene. Ha! When I think about how ridiculous I am I can't stop laughing. 

Which March girl do you think you're most like? Growing up I worshipped Jo, she even inspired our little Jo's name! Now I think I would like to be more like Mrs. March, their mom. She's such a powerhouse! 

Brian and I also always watch Elf every year and the Faulkner Family always manages to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Blake insists on it! What Christmas movies do you watch every year? 


  1. I love little women! One of my favs! Every holiday season I love to watch "White Christmas."

  2. I watch White Christmas, usually alone! I watch the Christmas Carol with George C Scott, because it's so great. And I make everybody watch the Griswold movie because it makes me happy! And I love Little Women, and I love Jo best of all!