Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sister Alison

2011 47

Thursday is Alison's birthday. In true blogger birthday fashion I have decided to dedicate this post to her as we celebrate 28 glorious years of Alison Faulkner Robertson.

When Alison and I were growing up I would sneak in her bed almost every night and try to cuddle with her. She always said she didn't want me to sleep with her, but I really thought she did and was just lying. Looking back, I now see she really didn't want me sleeping in her bed- sorry.
On my mission Alison would send me the most glorious packages. Anthropology accessories, Mac makeup and everything the BYU Bookstore has to offer would show up with a Hallmark card at least once or twice a month and make the other sisters jealous.
Alison is one of the most talented professionals I know. In literally three hours you will tell her an idea and she can help you name your product, create a brand image, design a logo and write a blog post. Watching her work is unreal. She has the clearest understanding of marketing and brand creation, she blows my mind.
Alison is so pretty! Seriously beautiful.
Although she could make more money as a copy writer Ali wants to do crafts because that is what she loves. So that is what she does, craft.
Alison is an amazing mom. She loves Gigi. You know how some moms are mean? Well, our mom isn't and neither is Alison. She doesn't belittle, talk down to or yell at Gigi and never will.
Alison understands relationships. She doesn't believe in being passive aggressive and doesn't stand for it.
Alison is a really good runner.
When Alison came to visit me in Nauvoo she put on a pioneer dress and hung out all night with the other sisters. Instead of wearing tights and shoes she wore Rainbows.
When Ali was little she would sit in our loft and design dresses in a red folder. I mainly just watched and played with my stuffed cows.
Alison is really spiritual. She believes deeply in God and communicating with Him through prayer.
Alison is the fastest cleaner in the whole world, she makes a bed in seriously 20 seconds. The only person faster is Eric, her husband.
Alison loves kids. She teaches primary and is like the best primary teacher in the history of primary. She is also a really great aunt.
Alison looks great in spandex.
Alison is a really good wife. She never tells Eric what to do. Sorry Brian.
Alison makes stuff for everyone! EVERYONE! Dinners, mobiles, onsies, jewelry, blog headers, stationery, baked goods, Christmas cards, shower invites, baby announcements, the list goes on. I am always getting mad at her for not charging or not charging enough for the stuff she makes daily. She just shrugs her shoulders. What has she made for you?

Tonight Ali was at my house sitting on the couch reading a book to Ginger and I just felt so lucky that I live one block from her. Not only are we sisters but she is such a good person and makes me feel like I can do anything I want. Sometimes people ask me if it is hard being her little sister because she is so good at everything. It never occurs to me to feel like that because Alison is always so busy telling me how good I am that I never have time to stop and see that she is really the one who is so good.

Happy Birthday Ali!

Some recent photos from our sister/cuzzy photo shoot this last month with the amazing Heather Mildenstein.
2011 113

2011 119
2011 120
2011 121
2011 84


  1. I might have just cried. Happy Birthday, Alison. Love you both!

  2. Oh where do I start!? She's makes me Russian cream, cookies, cupcakes, a mobile, birthday presents, brings me fountain drinks, candy bars, plushies, the list goes on! She is so so amazing. There really are no words. I love her so much! I love how she makes everyone she meets feel welcome and loved, like she is their BFF. She made me feel that way, at least. She made me feel cool when I moved into the ward. She hooked me up with the popular girls. She is still nice to me when I text her everyday and wake her up from her naps. She gives my kids snacks and treats. She doesn't judge me when I gossip or say weird things that don't make sense. Oh that girl! She is really something special!

  3. Oh my goodness the tears are flowing! Love you both! And love the pictures - such personality!

  4. I'm teary eyed! You two have something so special! Such a fun, full-of-life duo! I'm excited for your new blog! P.S. Saw our facebook post and I love Zumba and can't think of anyone else I'd rather be in a Zumba class with than you, and Alexis! -Janvier

  5. Happy Birthday Alison! I have always loved your family and can remember looking forward to the bus stop where we'd pick you girls up and you would bring your fun and positive every to our short ride to Chaparral Elementary! Weird that our parents had us ride the bus for that whole 1 mile to school!?! So glad to see that you ladies are still fun & fabulous! Envious of that loft! xoxox

  6. I love you both! Happy Birthday, Alison. You are simply amazing! I wish I lived one block from the both of you!

  7. Love those pictures and love you both! Such beautiful ladies. xo

  8. you nailed it sister. i'm about to shed a tear cause i've never had a friend like alison. i hope she reads every one of your words and these comments and knows they're not just flattery but that they're truth. what has she made for me? umm, she's made me into a freaking WOMAN. she's given me confidence, courage, sanity, and self esteem. she's made me a business woman who chases her dreams. what better could you really make for some one than all stuff that she's given? happy birthday pretty alison. GREAT NEW BLOG andrea!

  9. This is so sweet...also, your hair is sexy! I can't wait for mine to grow out.

  10. all of you CUT IT OUT.

    and thank you. xo

  11. And you know what is the best part of all? Being their lucky MOM. Love you Ali darling, and Andi, what a tribute. You two are such a joy, though I wish you weren't both so shy!

  12. Andrea...this post made me love you as much as I love Alison. Let's be friends.

  13. i love this post and both you girls. Also, very excited for "Let's Chat."

  14. Oh My! Love this post! I love all the things you said about your truly amazing sister! Happy Burtday to her! She has made for me and Ashley a beautiful flower to go on our dresses for Nathan's funeral. We still have them, and love them and wear them often! And not only did she make a beautiful flower, if you turn it over, there is a little pocket, and in the pocket is a picture of Nate - what a keepsake! I love that she can make a bed in 20 sec. Steve and I seriously have time contests on so many things, we need to see how fast we can make the bed! I love you both! You are amazing women! BIG HUGS!

  15. love you ali. happy bday. what a tribute! and these pics...amazing.

  16. yes we were all jealous of all your packages ;) sister, you are amazing. seriously. i love you.

  17. oh, i love this!! you're such a great sister. and alison is such a great sister. why haven't i seen your new blog? oh, because i haven't seen you or btw or jojo in weeeeeks... boo.